Zero Waste Oranges

I hadn’t planned on writing this till I was mid-chop through my last orange for orange juice this morning! Then, it dawned on me just how MANY uses there are for oranges!

Of course, the first use is very simple: ORANGE JUICE! 

Go on and squeeze yourself a pitcher full, and yes- save the pulp. 

The first tip I have is for you smoothie lovers out there! 

Orange pulp holds a ton of fibers, so instead of straining it then tossing it out, scoop it into an ice tray and freeze it! You’ll have them ready to add into your smoothie tomorrow morning and you won’t even be able to taste the texture of it since it will be ground up! 

Now, lets go back over to those discarded peels. 

My favorite recipe calls for distilled white vinegar and fresh orange peels. With these two ingredients, you can make your very own all-purpose cleaner! 

Just chop those peels up small, stuff them into a jar, and fill it the rest of the way up with vinegar! 

Now, place the lid back on, and submerge your jar into a pot of water kept at 150degrees F for 20 minutes. 

Cool him off and set aside 2-3 days. When you come back to it, go ahead and strain your vinegar into a spray bottle (if you want to) and compost those peels! Voila! Your very own all-purpose cleaner! 

I still had orange peel leftover, however, so I set my oven at 170degrees F and popped them into there to dry out for use as fruit tea “leaves” later on. Keep them in for 1hr or until dry and brittle! 

These are the peels before going into the oven! be sure to spread them out!

Another short recipe is to fill a large pot with water and boil your peels in it. Add in 2 sticks OF cinnamon, a dash of vanilla, and bit of cloves and keep it boiling! The result is a holiday-scented home for the next few days!! 

Hopefully you found these tips useful! Let me know what you do!