The Inconvenience of a Green Lifestyle

It has come to my attention that many people are scared to “go green” because they don’t want to inconvenience themselves.

At first, I was going to write a beautiful article on how to still enjoy all of what you are used to and then some! (It is possible) Then, I had the thought that this isn’t what truly being green is about. So instead, here is a bit of advice: 

Inconvenience yourself.

When it comes to the environment, or anything we believe in for that matter, it is worth the little bit of trouble we may run into trying to do what we know is right and honest. The way the world is right now is downright scary. Everything is built for convenience and ease of access. Material goods are tossed out by the MILLIONS. We would rather create toxic gases than have to remember to bring a straw. You can’t save the world without a bit of change on your part. This lifestyle will bring to you many many obstacles and oftentimes, you’ll want to give in because it would be that much easier. 

Stand tall. 

You have to power to tell yourself, “No. This does not sit well with my soul and I will not partake in anything less than who I say I am.” 

This could be something as simple as not stealing a bite of your friend’s cheesy fries that “were already bought for” and the “damage is done” or something as hard as switching banks because they are back a multi billion dollar plan that does NOT sit well with your soul. The first challenge is easier by comparison, but for the second you will need to understand yourself a little bit deeper. 

Ask yourself who you are and define why you believe what you believe, then go out in the world and passionately choose to inconvenience yourself every time something does not align fully with your standards of living.

It’s going to be hard, but good grace it’s worth it.