Zero Waste Almond Milk/Flour

The other morning I opened my fridge and was amazed at how beautifully un-packaged it was!

There were onions rolling around plump last-of-the-season tomatoes and a bouquet of fresh fruits and veggies practically spilling out of the doors.

I smiled as I took a moment to realize that I had made my dreams come true!

I then glanced at the side door and the back corner of my fridge where I spotted some items I hadn’t figured out what to do with yet: Condiments, almond and soy milk, a few packages of tofu…

Frowning, I sought out a remedy!

This is one of the remedies: How to make your own almond milk

There are loads of recipes floating around pinterest, but none of them tasted quite like that store-bought boxed in drink I love.

So, I tweaked ingredients and came up with a recipe that gives you thick (or thin- variations included) sweet (0r unsweetened) almond milk to play with and make your own!

Now that we’re all ready to get our hands a little dirty, take a look below for the recipe instructions:

Almond Milk

Time: 30 mins + 24 hrs for soaking


3C Almonds


cheesecloth (or fine strainer)

**vanilla extract (optional), agave (0ptional)

Prep: Soak 3 cups of almonds in a large bowl with several inches of water covering them in the fridge 24hrs prior to use.

  1. Completely drain the almond/water bowl.
  2. For a thicker milk: combine 1 cup almonds and 2 cups water in a high-powered blender for two minutes. For a thinner milk: combine 1 cup almonds with 4 cups water on high for two minutes
  3. Place your strainer or cheesecloth (folded to have four layers) over a large bowl/ container and pour your mixture in.
  4. If using cheesecloth, squeeze till you can’t get any more out of the bag and cast the pulp inside aside for making almond flour later
  5. Repeat with remaining 2 cups of almonds

**For sweetner: add 1 tablespoon of agave per cup of almonds

**For flavor: add 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract for every cup of almonds

Keeps fresh in fridge for 4 days or freeze for an extended life!


Time: 2+ hrs

Ingredients: pulp from almond milk

  1. Preheat oven to lowest setting (typically 170 degrees F)
  2. Spread almond pulp out on a baking tray and bake for 2 hrs.
  3. Check to see if the pulp is fully dry and chalky to the touch every half hour over that time.
  4. When it feels fully dry and no moisture can be seen or touched, remove and blend with high-powered blade or food processor until it is fine and powdery!
  5. You now have almond flour to use in recipes!

Drink up!



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