Seeking Sustainability

What would you do if you realized you had the capability to change the world for the better all by yourself?

That is the question I find myself asking every day.

As the self-proclaimed Little Green Goddess, I strive to impact the world through everyday actions of ordinary living.

Did you know that the meat and dairy industries use up 1/3 of the world’s available drinking water and 45% of the Earth’s land? Neither did I.  Horrifying? Yes. Unstoppable? No. The good news is that all of this destruction is completely preventable and the solutions are easy and simple.

So what are these solutions, you ask?

In short-Veganism and Zero Waste Living.

Incorporating practices from both lifestyles improves both your health and the health of the planet.

Welcome to a growing society of folks that lay down, belly full, and sleep easy knowing they helped save the world just by living their lives.

(And YES, you will get enough protein)